The latest advances in thermal and visual imaging technology combine to ensure hot melt glue is applied to the correct locations.

Guaranteeing zero-defect boxes just got even easier with the ClearVision® PackChek™ System from Valco Melton. Utilizing thermal and visual imaging to inspect every package and ensure hot melt glue is applied to the correct locations, PackChek brings customers the latest development in quality assurance systems for end-of-line packaging. Ideal for beverage manufacturers, the system will be officially launched at this year’s Pack Expo where Valco Melton (Booth #S-1842) will be offering live demos.

While industry standard hot melt sensors have been around for decades, tight space constraints on packaging machinery have made retrofitting them into existing machines extremely difficult. Strategically designed with this in mind, PackChek uses thermal imaging to inspect the surface of outer flaps, as a result, the inspection camera can be placed on a discharge conveyor without space constraints.

How It Works:

  • The PackChek System has been designed to catch three main types of defects:
    • Missing glue beads
    • Weak glue beads
    • Out of position glue beads
  • Using thermal imaging, PackChek evaluates any number of hot melt patterns within the camera frame.
  • It then verifies its position and displays a user-friendly image, which can be saved for later use.
  • When one bead or a combination of beads does not meet a requirement, outputs can be configured to stop the machine, eject a case, or sound an alarm.


  • Real time feedback on faulty product
  • Error reporting to eject bad cases or signal machine stop
  • Eliminates rework costs
  • Reduces customer complaints
  • Ability to log defects and analyze long term performance

“To date, PackChek is the only vision inspection system of its kind utilizing thermal and visual imaging, and our customers are already reaping its benefits,” explains Sales Director of Valco Melton’s Engineered Products Division, Clark Brown. “It’s really an ideal solution for beverage manufacturers; it gives them confidence knowing they’re delivering perfectly glued cases to their end customers.”

PackChek is part of Valco Melton’s strategy to increase awareness of issues customers have with defective cases and work in partnership with them to resolve these issues. The quality inspection system is already being well received by the industry, having recently been recognized as the winner of a Gold Stevie® Award in the “Best New Product or Service of the Year – Industrial Products & Services” category in the 2014 Annual International Business Awards, as well as being named a finalist in the 2014 PPMA Group Industry Awards for the Most Innovative Machine Vision Project.

To find out how PackChek can make a difference on your production line, stop by Booth #S-1842 during Pack Expo, or visit us here to download our product literature sheet.