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EC Series Feeder Lids

Adhesive Melters with Multi-Function Control

The Evolution C Series technology is the newest innovation for hot melt adhesive melters. The design is a culmination of features that were specifically crafted to meet the most current needs communicated by hot melt unit users worldwide. A new user-friendly control panel supports a quick and easy configuration to adapt to any work requirement. Valco Melton’s new EC Series hot melt adhesive unit offers optimum reliability and total control of the unit’s operation. Supported by the most current features and technology, the Valco Melton EC Series unit easily takes recognition as the best in its class in performance.

High Performance, multi-functional option-filled hot melt application solutions

• LCD Operator Panel for ease of use and programming

• Optional Integrated Auto Feed System and Glue Pattern Control

• Common footprint allows for universal installation

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