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Akura M | Metering Hot Melt Coating Applicators

Valco Melton’s Akura M Coating Applicators Series have been specifically designed to perform at the lowest grammages while maintaining a streak-free finish. Akura M Applicators incorporate single or multi-stream gear pumps on the applicator for an immediate hydraulic response. This guarantees a completely uniform coating while reducing waste during machine ramp-up. A pressure transducer integrated before the metering pumps works in close-loop to maintain a constant pressure
on the applicator.

Based on each project requirements, Akura applicators feature a number of independent hydraulic zones. Each zone is fed by a gear pump, to ensure an even distribution of the adhesive accross the full web width.

By incorporating our Weight-Inspekt grammage control system, the average grammage of each hydraulic zone may be controlled in close-loop with the gear pumps. As deviations in the adhesive grammage are detected, the system will automatically adjust the adhesive flow for the specific hydraulic zone.


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