Estaciones de laminación


Estaciones de laminación

Nuestros sistemas de recubrimiento están equipados con dos robustas placas laterales donde se alojan el cabezal de extrusión, el soporte, el rodillo de aplicación motorizado (siliconado o cromado), el rodillo motorizado de respaldo y cualquier rodillo de paso y calandra adaptados a las especificaciones del proyecto. Para más información, hable hoy mismo con un especialista de Valco Melton. 

EasyCoat System

Continuous Wide-Web Coating Stations and Cassettes

Valco Melton’s EasyCoat™ Adhesive Coating Stations offer repeatable performance and reliable and continuous, uniform application. This station can be installed in lines up to 3 meters wide and is designed to work with a large variety of hot melt or cold glues. The EasyCoat Station is the best choice for wide-web coatings and cold glue laminations,  jumbo label stock, and adhesive tape applications. To find out more, contact us today.

Intermittent or Continuous Coating Stations and Cassettes

FlexCoat™ Coating Stations provide uniform and reliable adhesive application on continuous or intermittent applications. The technical specifications of the integrated FlexCoat Series Applicator make this Coating Station the ideal solution to install on printing presses, packing-list envelope lines, master roll label stock and adhesive tape applications. 

Rotating Bar Heads Coating Stations and Cassettes

ProClear™ Coating Stations with Rotating Bar Technology have been specifically designed for clear-to-clear applications, master roll transparent labels and flexible packaging. Based on each user’s specific needs, this station can be constructed as permanent fixture on an existing coating machine or as a fully mobile cart to retrofit onto existing line. The ProClear Station is available in 3 standard options based from your integrated coating head requirements.

Upgrade Options for Coating Stations

As a standard, all Valco Melton’s Coating Stations are designed and manufactured with two substantial side plates that house the coating head, mount assembly and EPDM rubber or chromed back-up roller. However, a large variety of upgrade options are additionally available to customize your coating station to any project requirements.